3 days ago I found a video on youtube about Nazareth. I found it without purpose when I was searching for some videos about street foods. The youtube’s searching results showed a video about Nazareth’s Streeet Food. The thing made me surprise is a fact that Nazareth is an important city in Israel which is 70% of its population is muslim. I felt a lot of contradiction at that time. As I know..Israel have been struggling to take over Palestinian land for years. The occupation also passing through some bloody scenes, many violences, and killed so many people in both sides the Palestinian and Israeli which most of the Palestinians are muslim. I felt a contradiction about the fact that Israel has a city made of 70% muslim inhabitant. How could it be? When I still have a perception that Israel-Palestine conflict is a religious war between muslim and zionism jewish.

After knwing that fact. I decide to browse as much sources as I can about Israel and Palestinian conflict, including their historical and political aspects. I also decide to write some articles about Israel-Palestine conflicts. Is it true that this conflicts based only on religious view? Is all informations I consume about their conflict valid? I will try to dig it deeper. Hope this writing project will be finished as soon as possible. Can’t wait to finish the articles and post it on this personal blog 🙂

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